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Get ready to turn a corner with AUTOMOTO TV from November 5, 2018 ! Discover the best of car and motorbike lifestyle programmes on the new AUTOMOTO channel, as well as flagship competitions such as the Nascar Cup Series, the Paris Supercross, the AMA Supercross and the X-Trial World Championship. AUTOMOTO TV channel, a yardstick for all motorsport super fans, offers each and every facet of the famous eponymous programme in five themed areas: classic cars, customisation, competitions, trials, and motorbikes. A unique weekly talk programme will interpret the automotive news with "opinionated" journalists and specialists and will cover all the relevant topics: speed limits, cars in urban areas, the diesel controversy and many other subjects.
AUTOMOTO is a new Mediawan TV channel.
Mediawan Thematics
132 avenue du Président Wilson
93210 La Plaine Saint-Denis