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In the last decades the two wheeled vehicles became the best transport solution to move around in the crowded cities suffering from increasing traffic jams and delays in public transportations. The scooter and motorbike market in France and Europe boosted and people are using more and more their scooters and bikes to move around these days. Motor Bike user’s are looking for efficient, fast, available, competent service providers that also guarantee reasonable prices, being a passionate or urban bike users does not matter. In order to satisfy all user’s needs who had no alternative but maintain and repair their bikes at dealers, 3 motorbike passionate decided to create in 1997 the first Doc’Biker.
Doc Biker
21 rue émile gœury
94140 Alfortville

Tuesday 02 October - 08h00 
Wednesday 03 October - 08h00 
Thursday 04 October - 10h00 
Friday 05 October - 10h00 
Saturday 06 October - 10h00 
Sunday 07 October - 10h00 
Monday 08 October - 10h00 
Tuesday 09 October - 10h00 
Wednesday 10 October - 10h00 
Thursday 11 October - 10h00 
Friday 12 October - 10h00 
Saturday 13 October - 10h00 
Sunday 14 October - 10h00 

Durée : 8 h 30 minutes