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Yoann bought his first electric vehicle in 2009. Facing difficulties to find charging stations, he decided to create Chargemap app with a few enthousiasts.

Chargemap allows all EV (and plug-in hybrids) vehicles drivers to find and share relevant informations about charging stations. It quickly became the indispensable app for EV drivers all across France and Europe.

Thanks to its successful app, Chargemap launched a year ago its own charging card, the Chargemap Pass. Its team since develop innovative products and services dedicated to EV charging networks (Chargemap Operator) and companies managing EV fleets (Chargemap Fleet).
3 rue de Lisbonne

Chargemap Fleet

Chargemap Fleet is a Saas dedicated service that allows companies to manage their EV fleet

Chargemap Operator

Chargemap Operator is a Saas solution dedicated to charging networks operators.