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EVR Motors developed the world’s lightest, highest power density, and cost effective electric motors for the automotive industry, including disruptive high current motors of above 100kW peak at 48v.

Innovation Highlights:

• Low Weight: 40%-50% lighter than RFPM motors
• Low Cost: 20% to 40% lower manufacturing cost than RFPM motors
• Safe: Optimal topology for >100kW peak high power 48v motors
• Cool: Coils are cooled directly
• Multi Voltage: Available in low & high voltages from 48v to 850v
• High Efficiency: Above 90% at variable speeds
EVR Motors
Baltimore 7
4951018 Petah Tikva

Friday 05 October - 11h30 

Mondial Tech Startup Awards: Electrification & Hybridization

Durée : 1 h 30 minutes

EVR Motors (Israel) : The world’s lightest, powerful and cost effective electric motors for EV
Silicon Mobility (France) : Automotive technology solution provider
Evans Electric (Australia) : Full Stack Electric Vehicle Powertrain Developer - Hardware + Software
MAZAP (France) : MAZAP designs Clean & High Performance Energy Recovery Brake Systems
ENSO Tyres (UK) : ENSO makes sustainable, range-extending tyres for electric vehicles
Angel Wings (Romania) : Hardtop convertible system for convention

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