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SMARTO - STAND G111 - PAVILLON 7.3 MONDIAL.TECH has developed CarAlgo its connected vehicle solution based on LoRa technology. It makes it easy to collect vehicle and driver data, and allows automotive professionals, insurers, aftermarket and fleet managers to create new value-added services.

CarAlgo revolutionary solution and low cost, compatible all vehicles carmanufacturers, is declined in three offers :

- CarAlgo Device
- CarAlgo Data
- CarAlgo Fleet
25 Quai Gallieni
01 58 47 03 43

CarAlgo Fleet

Low-cost connected fleet management solution, DashBoard to track usage and the health of vehicules

CarAlgo Device

Ultra slim Dongle, 6mm thick, OBD -CAN, BLE-LoRa, Accelerometer and memory ..

CarAlgo Data

Cloud platform organizing the collection, processing of data of automobile, and their redistribution