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GiroNac was created by two experienced entrepreneurs who combined their shared passion for motorcycles and technological innovation. Our ultimate goal was to enable bikers to live their passion for riding to the fullest by freeing them of all barriers such as safety concerns, poor visibility, and functional failure, allowing them to experience the road like never before.

All our motorcycle's products, sold under the generic brand iZ, « incredibly Zesty », are available to the aftermarket.

The innovative technologies of Gironac can also be used in other, very technologically complex environments, such as cycling, boating, dune buggying, helicopter…
86 rue de Paris
91400 Orsay
+33 1 85 41 10 30

iZ Night

The intelligent and connected headlight system with dynamic trajectory recognition.

Accessoires Moto

iZ Roadbook

An electronic screen to display trips under the sun, at night and rain.

Accessoires Moto