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Since 2016, CarStudio has been identifying and developing new car services, directly linked to Mobivia's core business brands (Norauto, Auto5, A.T.U, Midas, Carter-Cash). Its teams detect
emerging markets and build bridges between new businesses and traditional jobs to accelerate the digital transformation of historical activities of the group. In addition to financial investment, CarStudio opens the doors to more than 2000 Mobivia points of sale and accompanies them in the definition, testing and marketing of their projects, in particular through an incubation program or the establishment of partnerships.
511/589 Rue des Seringats
59262 Sainghin-en-Mélantois


Accommodation and early stage support for an initial period of 3 months.


Financing and support for the national and international deployment of existing start-up.


A gateway to over 2000 customer contact points and our data.


A unique laboratory to innovate, iterate and always propose new services.