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Association of Law 1901 which militates for a better taking into account of the users of motorized two-wheelers in France in its development and for a better taking into account of its image to convey in France.

The FMF is composed of 10,000 members spread over the national territory but also overseas. It consists of 87 departmental offices as well as 22 regional offices. Overseas Offices represented by the FMF.

The motorcycling sport is also defended in the FMF movement. All the disciplines of the bike are very widely defended alongside the FFM. She inspires to participate in the development of the motorcycle in France.

In 2018, the FMF confuses the Radio des Motards which reinforces the idea of ​​mediatised motorcycle in France and allows a better image of the bikers.
Fédération des Motards de France
64, rue du général de Gaulle