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Meccano has built a strong legacy as one of the oldest construction systems in the world when it was invented in England by Frank Hornby in 1898. Even after 120 years of history, the original values and objective remains the same to inspire builders around the world to bring their imaginations to life. Meccano – Your Imagination Just Got Real!

This year, on the occasion 120 years of the show, Meccano has decided to join this event, by offering to young & older visitors, a construction experience around different discovery workshops to share the 120 years of passion that unite the Paris Motor Show and this historical brand of construction games.
262 avenue Antoine de Saint Exupéry
62100 Calais
0141102255 / 0673790127

NOUVEAUTE 2018 MECCANO - SuperCar 25 modèles

25 different motorized models to build including a splendid Super Car! Integrated motor.

Nouveauté 2018 MECCANO - Ferrari F1

Defy the asphalt thanks to this superb Ferrari F1 ! Real steering front wheels.

Nouveauté Meccano 2018 - Ducati Moto GP

Defy road with this superb Ducati Moto GP! Multi-piece wheels and real spring suspension.

Ducati 1200s - Meccano

The authentic Ducati 1200s replica. Come & see the 1:1 scale built in Meccano on our booth !

Nouveauté 2018 MECCANO - Mini Modèles Bolts

Ideal to start playing Meccano. 6 models to build in a minimum of time with real tools &metal parts.

4x4 SUV 10 modèles - Meccano

Build 10 different car models with functional suspensions.

Cabriolet 5 modèles - Meccano

Build 5 different car models with this Meccano set. Pull-back motor included.

Motos 5 Modèles - Meccano

Build 5 different motorbikes with this Meccano set.

Ferrari 488s - Meccano

Build with Meccano the Spider 488s model, a Ferrari's authentic model.

Roadster RC - Meccano

Build 2 different models with this set of Meccano. Once mantled, the car is radio-controlled !

Nouveauté 2018 Meccano - Tracteur John Deere 8R

Discover the authentic John Deere 8R tractor with its functional hitch!

Nouveauté 2018 Meccano - Buggy de course

In racing vehicles Meccano series, discover this buggy. Easy to build.

Nouveauté 2018 Meccano - Bolide de course

In the race car Meccano series, here is the original race car model.

Nouveauté 2018 Meccano - Dépanneuse de course

This breakdown truck is compatible with the buggy and the race car of racing car Meccano series.

Baril 150pcs - Meccano Junior

The Meccano Junior bucket includes 150pcs to build incredible vehicles. From 5 years old.

SuperMoto - Meccano Junior

3 great different models of motorbike to build, from 5 years old.

Voiture rétrofriction - Meccano Junior

An ingenious case to build his first Meccano retro-friction vehicles. From 5 years old.

Tuesday 02 October - 17h15 

Press Conference Meccano

Durée : 0 h 30 minutes

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