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The CRS road safety training track was created in 1972 to introduce young PTW (powered two-wheelers) riders to good safety practices. The “Assurance Prévention” organisation, which brings together all French insurers, became a partner of this operation in 2001. Every year, the CRS/Assurance Prévention road safety track organises about twenty events throughout France national territory, welcoming nearly 10 000 people including 9 000 school-aged children. Available free of charge, the track is accessible to anyone aged 14 and above, whether through a school or as a member of the general public. The proposed introduction includes the basics of riding a powered two-wheeler (both theory and practice), on 15 various machines from 50 to 125 cm3, in addition to workshops and demonstrations.
Piste d’éducation routière CRS/Assurance Prévention

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