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Over the past decade, we’ve seen remarkable innovations on the factory floor with the introduction of robotics and the larger context of Industry 4.0 but quality control still either remains highly human-process driven or lacks innovative automation. Scortex aims to resolve this challenge by bringing together the best-in-breed hardware, automation software, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

By deploying Scortex inside their factory, our customers take the next big leap in smart automation for the visual inspection of their production process. Along with providing the capability for end-to-end automation of the quality control process, Scortex also provides real-time data and insights into the production process itself.
22 Rue Berbier du Mets
75013 Paris

Quality Intelligence Solution

Automated complex visual inspection solution for automotive supplier (plastic and metal parts)

Tuesday 02 October - 09h00  12h30  14h00  18h30 
Wednesday 03 October - 09h00  12h30  14h00  18h30 
Thursday 04 October - 10h00  12h30  14h00  19h00 
Friday 05 October - 10h00  12h30  14h00  17h00 

Demo of Scortex quality inspection solution

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