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A2Mac1 is the leading automotive benchmarking company worldwide. We support most OEMs as well as over 150 suppliers in their benchmarking activities. From centers around the globe, we have a proven track record of unlocking invaluable insights for clients, enabling them to foster innovation, optimize materials and design and identify critical opportunities.
A2Mac1 has the largest portfolio of benchmarking services including market documentation, complete vehicles teardown analysis, 3D Scans, advanced analysis on all vehicle perimeters, functional tests and costing.
Strategic topics such as EV/Hybrid vehicles and connectivity are also covered.
All data are fully integrated and delivered with the full software solution to enable quick analysis and utilization of the data.
25 Chaussée de Hary
02140 Hary


Complete portfolio of Benchmarking service

Innovation Bench

New unique solution that allows you to navigate all parts from an integrated web-based 3D platform

EV/Hybrid Analysis

In-depth exploration of all high voltage components and traction battery