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Before anything else, Linea di Corsa is a spirit. After a decade of restrictions it is now time to embrace pleasure and happiness. With the spirit comes passion. Passion for cars and that terrific feeling of limitless freedom, dreamed by an entire generation in the 60’s : "The Dolce Vita".
It as also the story of a brand dedicated to provide you with the best clothes and accessories in top quality but affordable, stylish but not show off, assertive without provocation.
Once upon a time… A few sketches drawn in 1961 and found at the bottom of an old box in the middle of the Italian countryside. Just picture it, an entire era revives.
Gaetano Bizzini, recognized fashion designer will take up the torch !
Linea di Corsa will reborn.
Linea di Corsa
32 rue du Dragon
75006 Paris