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Hit-Air represents the japaneese know-how and quality dedicated to motocyclist airbag protectors.
Hit-Air airbags offer a unique, patented and specific protection especially in the neck aera..
Hit-Air has been settled in Nagoya in Japan for more than 20 years. This is the first company all over the world to develop and commercialise airbag products. More than 200 000 units have been sold in more than 30 countries to date which proves Hit-Air leadership and quality.
Hit Air
50 rue de Paradis
75010 PARIS

Gilet airbag MLV-RC

The Hit-Air airbag fully retro-reflective

Protection / Accessoires Pilote / Textiles

Blouson airbag MX8

An Hit-Air airbag integrated into a mesh summer jacket

Accessoires Pilote / Textiles / Protection

Gilet airbag MLV-P yellow

The Hit-Air airbag in a high-visibility version

Protection / Accessoires Pilote / Textiles

Veste airbag EU6

An Hit-Air airbag integrated into a mid-season winter vest fully waterproof

Protection / Accessoires Pilote / Textiles