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West Forever is an organiser of tours & rentals on Harley-Davidson motorbikes. In 2014, we were accredited by Harley-Davidson Corporate after 6 years of hard work, and can now proudly display the Authorized Harley-Davidson Tours Logo.
West Forever was established in France in 1996, and our head office is situated in Strasbourg. From the early Harley Davidson tours across the USA, West Forever today has tours in Canada, Europe, South Africa, Cuba, Thailand and Australia. West Forever organizes premium motorbike tours with experienced guides and quality accommodation that complements the character of the tour. All West Forever itineraries are researched, tried, tested, continuously improved and delivered to our clients as complete adventures on motorbikes.
West Forever
32 Rue du Bassin d'Austerlitz
67000 Strasbourg
03 88 68 89 00