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Bihr is a property of Alcopa Group, with motorcycle at its heart since 1937 … to become a leading European distributor of aftermarket parts, accessories and gear in 2018.
Present in 12 countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Danemark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and Spain), Bihr offers proximity services to motorcycle professionals. 16 400 active dealers already take advantage of Bihr’s one-stop-shop offer, excellent availability, fast and free delivery options.
Bihr supplies over 160 000 references of more than 240 brands exclusively through their network of professional dealers and resellers.
Passion for motorcycling is one of the core values at Bihr and we love sharing it! Discover now our new Riders’ Community Platform called Riders’Corner!
7 rue Robert Schuman, ZI Parc Industriel