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Our experience began in 2007, when the E85 was established in France.

Followed in 2011 by the creation of BIOMOTORS to give the opportunity to all motorists owner of gasoline vehicles, the opportunity to easily acquire our technology; allowing immediate savings.

In 2015, we patented our E85 conversion systems, incorporating technology dedicated to today's direct injection engines.
Since June 11, 2018 BIOMOTORS is the first approved manufacturer!

All our conversion systems are guaranteed 3 years and 100% French manufacturing.
We also offer an economic and ecological solution for each engine thanks to our descaling stations from 7 years of development.
235 ZI Les Portes Domitiennes
04 48 06 04 90

Notre station de décalaminage HYDROMOTORS

Systèmes de Conversion Au Bioéthanol E85 BIOMOTORS

Systèmes de Conversion Au Bioéthanol E85 BIOMOTORS