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Thursday 16 May 2019

The automotive industry is partnering up with the HOPSCOTCH Group for the organization of the
Paris Mondial Motor Show.

Luc Chatel, President of the Plateforme Automobile (PFA), and Frédéric Bedin, President of the
HOPSCOTCH Group, today signed an agreement making the HOPSCOTCH Group the partner of AMC
Promotion for the organisation of the Paris Mondial Motor Show, a major event at the top of the
leading international trade shows.
This long-term partnership will, starting for the 2020 edition, result in a radically redesigned event,
with a strong B2B component and focused on new mobility challenges.
This agreement comes at the end of the competitive consultation process launched on 15 February
2019 by the PFA along with the entire automotive industry ecosystem in order to create a new
ambition for the Paris Mondial Motor Show.

“With this strong partnership, we are opening a new era in the history of the Paris Mondial Motor
Show. In essence, the major trade shows are in exactly the same situation as the automotive sector
itself: faced with the need to constantly reinvent themselves. Yet to embody the future of the
automobile, the Paris Mondial Motor Show has all the necessary qualities, not only to ensure its
sustainability, but also to aim for a leading position. Through this partnership with HOPSCOTCH, the
French leader in event conception, our aim is to make it the leading international event, at the
forefront of the automotive ecosystem and new forms of mobility,” Luc Chatel said.

“We are very proud to be working alongside the automotive industry to open a new chapter in the
history of this iconic event. Breathing new life into the Paris Mondial Motor Show at a time when the
idea of mobility is being reimagined: this is the exciting challenge we are taking on. Starting in 2020,
the main issue will be to increase brand audiences by offering a completely redesigned, interactive
and personalised visitor experience,” said Frédéric Bedin.