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Virtual visit of the exhibition "Legendary Roads"

Monday 15 October 2018


Start the virtual tour of the exhibition "Legendary Roads"

Presentation by Mathieu Flonneau, guest executive manager of the exhibition
“Let’s hit the road! This is the essence of our invitation. “Routes Mythiques” ambitions to fully share the emotions created by departures and journeys undertaken by automobile or motorcycle.

 A well-chosen, most beautiful theme, illustrated by lively and cheerful drawings combined to animated pictures, at a time when escaping or simply moving from one point to another have become essential needs. In these days of booming innovation, the convergence of individual, infrastructural, environmental and social interests has become a major issue.
For the organizing team, establishing a timeline was not the only challenge: all the components of its realm, the road on one side and different forms of mobility on the other, have considerably become more complex. We hope to share our taste and feeling for the unfading sensations triggered by these legendary roads and even by THE road itself.

By taking into consideration all destinations, combining several geographical scales, summoning many legends and multiple works and stories, about fifty cars and thirty motorcycles have been carefully selected. Among the automobiles, Louis Renault’s 1st 1898 Renault to drive up rue Lepic, the C4 P17 1930 Citroën Kégresse bearing the same name as the cruises, the 1990 "Le Cap-Alger" Range Rover; among the motorcycles: the “Lawrence of Arabia” Brough Superior SS 100 GS 1926, the “Road 66”, Indian Chief 1946, the “Holidays on a moped” Peugeot 103 1971… as well as many surprises which you will discover at the Show.
The biggest adventures, the most striking slices of life, the most beautiful landscapes but also ordinary roads, signposted and orderly are among the ten chosen themes.

With ten steering of the wheel, we are driven away into a few major themes: 1 - La renaissance de la route ; 2 - Les routes des "années folles"; 3 - Les routes de l'aventure ; 4 - Les routes des vacances ; 5 - les routes des "Trente Glorieuses" ; 6 - Les routes des années 1970/80 ; 7 - Les routes du monde ; 8 - On The Road Again! ; 9  - Les routes du sport ; 10 - Les routes de l'avenir. 

Among a few partners of the exhibition, here are already some manufacturers: Renault Classic, Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS etc… as well as ExterionMedia, the FFVE, RMC Découverte, Vintage Mécanic, the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, l’Union Routière de France (represents all the players of road mobility), le Syndicat des Equipements de la Route (the union for road equipment suppliers), the Musée des Ponts-et-Chaussées, the Musée National de l’Automobile- Schlumpf Collection, Michelin and the Association Prévention Routière. Partnership with INA for photos, drawings by Thierry Dubois.

The beautiful hall will be the perfect setting to deliver pure intact emotion! Each will have the liberty to choose his or her own itinerary! “