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Launch of the Website

Wednesday 13 December

A new website for a renewed experience!

For its 120th anniversary, the Paris Motor Show has designed a new website definitely modern and complete to embody the promises of this new Paris Motor Show. The website integrates social networks and reaches out to web users who will have the possibility of choosing between their world: Mondial de l'Auto, Mondial de la Moto & Mondial de la Mobilité.

Additionally to the usual features of the website - useful information, maps, news, events, ticket sale- many new features will be available such as the section “120 years of innovation” presenting the History, the posters and pictures.

Carefully designed Exhibitor pages will be available to all visitors who will discover the events organised by the makes as well as all their models. They will even be able to book their test drives…

This year, for the first time, you will have the possibility of creating a personal “My Paris Motor Show” space: the best way to prepare your visit by downloading your own ideal tour of the Show!

Visitors will thus receive all necessary information and will have the chance to participate in many games. They will also have access to our good deals available on the Paris Motor Show.