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Mondial Paris Motor Show and the Etinc'elles (sparks) go for the 4L Trophy adventure

Friday 16 February

Since 1997, the "Désertours" is organising in partnership with Rennes' business school and "Enfants du Désert", an automotive competition which brings help to children in need in Marocco. All rally participants are students, it is now the biggest student event throughout Europe.

They aim to drive more than 6000 kilometers throughout France and Spain in order to bring supplies to Moroccan schools in the south part of the country.

Our crew

Two students in their 3rd year of the engineering school 5EPF Sceaux) are TEAM 1123 called «Les étinc’ELLES» (sparks).  The two adventure enthusiasts with a big heart are planning on their adaptability and their friendship to reach their goals !

Mondial Paris Motor Show is happy to go with Aurélie and Ninon through this human and solidary experience.